Taste two wines inspired by the Meninas de Canido social movement in the town of Ferrol that have been interpreted by two great artists from the world of wine: María Martínez, the winemaker of our winery, and Norrel Robertson Master of Wine.

A Tempranillo that arrives with our new project Street Art Collection

Street Art Collection is the latest creation from Zinio Bodegas and is based on the different interpretations of Las Meninas by Velázquez.

With it, we want to give visibility to the work that begins in Canido and that we in turn extrapolate to our town of Uruñuela in La Rioja Alta.

This project will have a presence in the 35 countries with representation of our wines, and also part of the benefits will be used to collaborate with the Meninas de Canido social movement.

A creation by María Martínez, winemaker at the winery, with the collaboration of Master of Wine Norrel Robertson

Working with Tempranillo and Graciano grapes, we were looking for the maximum expression of both varieties.

A unique tasting with its own style, much fresher and more direct, capable of extracting the best of each one of them, where both winemakers have achieved an authentic and pure vinification of the grapes.

100% White Tempranillo: The new addition to the Street Art Collection

The white, the second addition to this collection, is a wine matured in the cellar under the action of different continents, bocoyes (of different types of wood, French, acacia and American). Its aging in wood has elegantly respected the base wine, and the wine and wood reaction has given it fullness and structure in the mouth. In short, they have given it character, it has respected the fruit and has given it a medium body.


      • Food: 80 people
      • Cocktail: 120 people
    • It can be combined with the dining room of the Mar de Viñas room

Use: Weddings, communions, company lunches, theme parties, cocktails, award-giving galas, etc. Ideal for boards of directors and company meetings.


  • School layout: 40 people + table for speakers
  • Theater: 100 people


      • Wireless desktop microphones. Headset microphones.
      • Wireless boat presentation system (click share)
      • 3.5m motorized electric screen.
      • WiFi connection.

Use: Ideal for presentations and conferences.

Capacity: 8 people


      • 60 inch television.
      • Network connections, HDMI, Wi-Fi.
      • Charge via USB or plug.
      • Room with views of the vineyard.

Use: Perfect for small business meetings and meetings in which you need to connect via video call.

Capacidad: 16 personas


      • Mesa de 5m con 4 zonas de conexión.
      • Conexiones de red, HDMI, carga a través de  USB o clavija.
      • Televisión de 75 pulgagas.
      • Terraza independiente.

Uso: Ideal para consejos de administración y reuniones de empresa.