Uruñuela our village

ZINIO Bodegas belongs to Uruñuela municipality, a town located 3 km away from Nájera and 23 km from Logroño. It has a total area of almost 14 km2 and a population of 976 inhabitants, whose demonym is “Storkies.” 

1. History

It is named in different documents as Eruñuela, Oriñuela, Oroñuela y Uruñuela. Founded in the 10th century by the King García Sánchez III from Navarra, nicknamed “García from Nájera” with the purpose of repopulating Riojan lands after the Muslim invasion. In a 1052 document, kept in the General archive of Simancas, the first mention of Uruñuela is made, stating the disappeared church of San Sebastián among those added to Santa María la Real of Nájera ‘Herditatem San Sebastián de Eruñuela.

It was included in the inheritance left by Pedro Fernández II from Velasco and Beatriz Manrique to their offspring, as stated by a writing from April 14, 1458. In 1518, it was still in possession of the Manriques, as it is known that there were disputes between Luis Manrique and his brother over the lands of Uruñuela and Alesanco. Charles I of Spain granted it the title of villa, because of the support people from the town gave Antonio Manrique of Lara, second Duke of Nájera, to take the castle of Malpica in Nájera after being occupied by the “comuneros.” 

2. Economy

Agriculture and, specifically, viticulture, is nowadays the main source of income of the villa, but it has not always played a role as strong as it does now. In 1951, after a hailstorm that destroyed most of the crops, 120 people emigrated to other regions of Spain, including Basque Country, where today almost all inhabitants have relatives in this region. In 1957, the canal of the right bank of the Najerilla was inaugurated and, with the protection of the irrigated land, agriculture began a spectacular upturn that has turned the area into one of the regions with the highest per capita income. 

Livestock and industry in the municipality are also noteworthy, as there are poultry and pig farms. Moreover, numerous construction companies are established in the villa: metallurgy companies, plow and concrete companies.

3. Demographics

At the beginning of 2020, the population of the municipality amounted to 976 inhabitants.


      • Food: 80 people
      • Cocktail: 120 people
    • It can be combined with the dining room of the Mar de Viñas room

Use: Weddings, communions, company lunches, theme parties, cocktails, award-giving galas, etc. Ideal for boards of directors and company meetings.


  • School layout: 40 people + table for speakers
  • Theater: 100 people


      • Wireless desktop microphones. Headset microphones.
      • Wireless boat presentation system (click share)
      • 3.5m motorized electric screen.
      • WiFi connection.

Use: Ideal for presentations and conferences.

Capacity: 8 people


      • 60 inch television.
      • Network connections, HDMI, Wi-Fi.
      • Charge via USB or plug.
      • Room with views of the vineyard.

Use: Perfect for small business meetings and meetings in which you need to connect via video call.

Capacidad: 16 personas


      • Mesa de 5m con 4 zonas de conexión.
      • Conexiones de red, HDMI, carga a través de  USB o clavija.
      • Televisión de 75 pulgagas.
      • Terraza independiente.

Uso: Ideal para consejos de administración y reuniones de empresa.