Sancho Garcés

Sancho Garcés is our brand in homage to king Sancho Garcés III, the Great, king of the kingdom of Pamplona between 1004 and 1035. Based in Nájera, a town bordering Uruñuela, he promoted the Camino Primitivo of the Way of St. James by building hospitals and hostels, which is why many travelers stop-off in Rioja to know its culture and enjoy our wine.

Using as reference the image of Sancho Garcés, king of the kingdom of Nájera, which covered part or Rioja Alta and Rioja Media in the 10th century, these wines constitute a homage to this king open to the outside world and represents the tradition and adaptation to new times.

It is also a recognition of his work promoting the Way of St. James, which is traveled every year by a large number of travelers going to this land and enjoying the hospitality of its people and its good wine.

Its wines have the marked characteristics of our area and a traditional production which makes Rioja recognizable from the first sip.

450 ha of our own vineyards at the heart of Rioja Alta. Optimum altitude and Mediterranean climate with Atlantic influence.

Unique geology
The different types of soil provide complexity to our wines.

Classic Rioja wines with international awards produced with local varieties:
Tempranillo Blanco and red, Viura, Grenache and Graciano.