ZINIO Bodegas and storks

Since centuries ago, storks have nested in the church of our village, Uruñuela, providing a name for the people living there, “Storkies.”

This is the reason why we have a strong bond with the symbol of these birds; it is part of our identity and it is a very important element as well in the design of ZINIO and Terroir de ZINIO range labels.

Therefore, we have a strong bond with these birds. They are part of our identity, our environment and because of this, they have a central part in the design of our ZINIO and Terroir de ZINIO range labels.

In 2019, driven by our commitment to the environment, we have developed a project together with RiojaNatura a zoo park and environment educational center whose goal is the protection, education and sustainable development of the local flora and fauna.

This project attempts to help these birds to nest inside our space as we have an ideal environment for it.

We have set up two huge nests next to our vineyards to make it easy for the birds to nest when they come back after winter. Care and protection of the environment and all our surroundings is one of our most important areas of work.