I + D

I + D

ZINIO Bodegas is very involved in several I + D projects. Through them, it maintains a constant commitment with the environment, viticulture and innovation.


Bodegas Patrocinio participates in I + D ‘Adaptation of disease prediction models in the cultivation of vineyards in the Rioja Qualified Denomination of Origin for a sustainable application of phytosanitary treatments’ project.

Grupo Rioja coordinates a working group in which, for the first time, Ramón Bilbao and Bodegas del Medievo associated wineries have joined the Asociación de Cooperativas (Association of Cooperatives, FECOAR) and the Bodegas Aradón and Bodegas Patrocinio cooperatives. All work with the Institute of Grapevine and Wine Sciences, Encore Lab company and Servicio de Información Agriclimática de La Rioja (Agroclimatic Information Service of Rioja).

The funds allocated to the Consejería de Agricultura del Gobierno de La Rioja (Department of Agriculture of the Government of Rioja), the Ministerio de Agricultura (Ministry of Agriculture)and Fondo Europeo Agrícola de Desarrollo Rural (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, FEADER) fund the study work and the planning of possible projects, in this case, with an endowment of €30,000.


The project we developed with the Centro de Información Documental de Archivos (Archival Documentary Information Center, CIDA) has identified thirteen different soil types that we have grouped into five main more representative groups. As a result, we have produced five wines with the same Tempranillo variety, which are distinguished solely by the characteristics of the soil where the grapes come from.

The works carried out in the vineyard during the year are identical: plant feeding and water and fertilizer quantity. Later, these vineyards are harvested and vinified separately to know in depth their characteristics every year. In this sense, we rely on Precision Viticulture, which, based on GPS positioning system, offers us concrete information on production, health status, and soil status, etc.

ZONING (2008-2011)

The aim of the project is to achieve produced wines with grapes from vines planted in different types of soils, which have been cultivated and later produced in a similar manner.

In this sense, we will compare wines whose only difference is the characteristic which the Terroir imprints on them.

PLANT COVERS (2009-2012)

Experimentation with plant covers in the vineyard to control their vigor.

Vino funcional (2007-2010)

Production of functional wine (with high resveratrol content) to highlight all the healthy qualities of wine.

Main actions:

  • Increase resveratrol and quercitin concentration in wines of Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin.
  • Study of the effects and development of such concentration.
  • Study of the effectiveness of fermentative treatments through HPLC when extracting trans-resveratrol and quercitin.


Implementation of techniques to improve vineyard management.

Main actions:

  • Sexual confusion of moths (2006)
  • Precision viticulture using satellite images (2006)
  • Implementation of new cultivation techniques
  • Fertilizer management using soil maps (2007). Rational use of fertilizers and products that protect the plant to minimize waste in wine (2007).


To explore new solutions to environmental problems with a community dimension as well as to integrate the environment into the European Union policies.

Main actions:

  • Implementation of a wine production system that respects the environment.
  • Environmental improvements in the use of cork, reuse of glass, use of fertilizers and phytosanitary products…
  • Improvement in the process of picking, storing and transporting of the grapes to the winery.


      • Food: 80 people
      • Cocktail: 120 people
    • It can be combined with the dining room of the Mar de Viñas room

Use: Weddings, communions, company lunches, theme parties, cocktails, award-giving galas, etc. Ideal for boards of directors and company meetings.


  • School layout: 40 people + table for speakers
  • Theater: 100 people


      • Wireless desktop microphones. Headset microphones.
      • Wireless boat presentation system (click share)
      • 3.5m motorized electric screen.
      • WiFi connection.

Use: Ideal for presentations and conferences.

Capacity: 8 people


      • 60 inch television.
      • Network connections, HDMI, Wi-Fi.
      • Charge via USB or plug.
      • Room with views of the vineyard.

Use: Perfect for small business meetings and meetings in which you need to connect via video call.

Capacidad: 16 personas


      • Mesa de 5m con 4 zonas de conexión.
      • Conexiones de red, HDMI, carga a través de  USB o clavija.
      • Televisión de 75 pulgagas.
      • Terraza independiente.

Uso: Ideal para consejos de administración y reuniones de empresa.