The 7 best gifts for wine lovers

We know you’ve left the Christmas gift for the last moment, so we’re here to help you choose the best gifts for wine lovers. From the most original to the most useful, including gifts for those faithful to the classics. Grab paper and pen because here are our recommendations.

The best gifts for wine lovers

Accessory set

Nothing is more useful than a good accessory kit. You can choose to buy a pre-made set or get creative by buying utensils separately and putting together a comprehensive box. What can be useful? Start with the basics: a corkscrew, a drip stopper, a stopper, and a pourer. If you want to add an extra touch, you can include a thermometer to serve the wine at the perfect temperature, a set of engraved glasses, a decanter, or an ice bucket to keep wines cool on the table.

Wine reading

If they are a true wine lover, they will love to learn more about the subject by reading articles, magazines, and books. There is an endless collection of publications on the market that cover different aspects of wine, from learning to taste, wines of the world, practical guides for beginners, and more. You can also gift them a subscription to one of the most prestigious wine magazines. Nothing like informative reading to become a true expert in the field.

Wine tourism experiences

If material gifts aren’t their thing, you can also surprise them with a wine tourism experience. More and more wineries offer activities or events around the world of wine. Opt for a guided tour with a tasting, a blind tasting, picnics among the vines, walking or biking routes to firsthand experience the vineyard, stargazing paired with the best wines—the possibilities are endless!

Decorative prints

An elegant and different option could be decorative prints, for example, with maps of different wine regions around the world. From old European vineyards to emerging wine regions of the New World, the map can highlight the diversity of climates and soils that contribute to the production of unique wines. There are also prints representing the different colors a wine can have, or the aromas and flavors present in them. Another option could be a hand-painted artistic print or a photograph. Here are some examples from Etsy, Desenio, and Redbubble.

Mapa vinos espana etsyRedbubble colores vinocopa acuarela desenio

Aroma kit

If there’s an original gift, it’s the aroma kit. One of the best gifts for wine lovers looking to become true experts in the art of tasting. This kit consists of small vials containing different aromas found in wines, allowing you to train your sense of smell and try to identify those same scents in your glass. The positive aspect is that you can find more or less affordable sets depending on the number of aromas included. Here are some sources: Enocave, ChinChin Wine Trading, and Aromaster.

Wine cellar

Any wine lover knows that the correct temperature is crucial not only for storing wine but also when serving it. Household refrigerators can be useful for white or sparkling wines, but the temperature we usually have for domestic use is much lower than what’s suitable for reds. Therefore, a great gift option could be a wine cellar. It’s a must-have in any true wine enthusiast’s home.

Wine set

All these gifts are fantastic, but if you want to hit the mark, there’s nothing better than wine itself. So, to cut to the chase, gift them a set composed of a special selection—their favorite wines, some with collectible bottles, ones with eye-catching labels, etc. The important thing is that during the holidays, they can share it with you and with their loved ones. We encourage you to visit ZINIO Bodegas’ online store.

With this, we conclude. We hope our ideas for the best gifts for wine lovers have inspired you and will help you surprise someone during these holidays.


      • Food: 80 people
      • Cocktail: 120 people
    • It can be combined with the dining room of the Mar de Viñas room

Use: Weddings, communions, company lunches, theme parties, cocktails, award-giving galas, etc. Ideal for boards of directors and company meetings.


  • School layout: 40 people + table for speakers
  • Theater: 100 people


      • Wireless desktop microphones. Headset microphones.
      • Wireless boat presentation system (click share)
      • 3.5m motorized electric screen.
      • WiFi connection.

Use: Ideal for presentations and conferences.

Capacity: 8 people


      • 60 inch television.
      • Network connections, HDMI, Wi-Fi.
      • Charge via USB or plug.
      • Room with views of the vineyard.

Use: Perfect for small business meetings and meetings in which you need to connect via video call.

Capacidad: 16 personas


      • Mesa de 5m con 4 zonas de conexión.
      • Conexiones de red, HDMI, carga a través de  USB o clavija.
      • Televisión de 75 pulgagas.
      • Terraza independiente.

Uso: Ideal para consejos de administración y reuniones de empresa.