Lágrimas de María Wines undergo a makeover

Our Lágrimas de María wines were born in 2008 with the desire to strengthen bonds with our consumers and bring them closer to the winery through wines made with traditional Rioja varieties: Viura, Tempranillo Tinto, and Tempranillo Blanco, but with a unique and modern style where fruity aromas and flavors take center stage. They are fresh and elegant wines, with roots in Rioja, fruity and uncomplicated for today’s consumer.

In this article, we will explore the changes that have come to define the new era of Lágrimas de María wines, from the houndstooth-inspired pattern to the transformation of the iconic drop into a dazzling gem.

Stamping changes on Lágrimas de María wines

Lágrimas de María wines have been a symbol of quality and refinement, and their recent change in image only reinforces this reputation. The houndstooth pattern, carefully chosen, brings an air of sophistication and style to the bottle labels, attracting the attention of wine connoisseurs as well as new enthusiasts. Houndstooth, or pied de poule, is characterized by the symmetrical repetition of abstract four-pointed figures that imitate a rooster’s footprint.

To trace its origins, we must travel to Scotland and its traditional fabrics, although its true fame may owe to great fashion designers such as Coco Chanel in the 1920s or Christian Dior in the 1950s. On our labels, this pattern not only adds a visually appealing element but also evokes a sense of tradition reinterpreted for modern times.

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Drop transformation in Lágrimas de María wines

One of the most striking changes in the new image of Lágrimas de María wines is the evolution of the drop in the letter “i” in the name “María.” Previously a simple tear, this distinctive feature has been transformed into a gem, symbolizing the preciousness and exquisite nature of the wines that bear this name. This small but significant modification not only enhances the brand’s aesthetics but also communicates the idea that each bottle of Lágrimas de María is a true gem worthy of appreciation.

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New image, same essence

In addition to its new visual appearance, Lágrimas de María wines continue to delight palates with their exceptional quality and unparalleled flavor. Each variety of wine, from the smooth and fruity Blanco to the intense and robust Tinto Reserva, offers a unique experience that celebrates winemaking craftsmanship and passion. With its renewed image, these wines not only meet the highest standards but also charm wine lovers with their elegance and distinction.

In summary, the change in image of Lágrimas de María wines marks a new chapter in the history of this brand. From the houndstooth pattern to the transformation of the droplet into a dazzling gem, each detail has been carefully considered to reflect the excellence and innovation that characterize these wines. With their combination of tradition and modernity, Lágrimas de María wines continue to captivate wine enthusiasts worldwide, promising unforgettable experiences with every sip.


      • Food: 80 people
      • Cocktail: 120 people
    • It can be combined with the dining room of the Mar de Viñas room

Use: Weddings, communions, company lunches, theme parties, cocktails, award-giving galas, etc. Ideal for boards of directors and company meetings.


  • School layout: 40 people + table for speakers
  • Theater: 100 people


      • Wireless desktop microphones. Headset microphones.
      • Wireless boat presentation system (click share)
      • 3.5m motorized electric screen.
      • WiFi connection.

Use: Ideal for presentations and conferences.

Capacity: 8 people


      • 60 inch television.
      • Network connections, HDMI, Wi-Fi.
      • Charge via USB or plug.
      • Room with views of the vineyard.

Use: Perfect for small business meetings and meetings in which you need to connect via video call.

Capacidad: 16 personas


      • Mesa de 5m con 4 zonas de conexión.
      • Conexiones de red, HDMI, carga a través de  USB o clavija.
      • Televisión de 75 pulgagas.
      • Terraza independiente.

Uso: Ideal para consejos de administración y reuniones de empresa.